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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

MetArt Galleries

Yana: "Lap Dance" by Richard Murrian
Yana is an exotic beauty who performs a sensual dance for Murrian's camera in this erotic film. Murrian has chosen a soft musical soundtrack to compliment the presence of this gorgeous model. The music, candles and Yana's feminine lingerie add an element of romance to this movie.

The model wears a pastel pink shirt as the film begins. Her nails are perfectly manicured and her glistening lips match the pink shade of her form-fitting blouse. Yana almost immediately sheds the shirt so that her slender figure is bared. A silver charm adorns the model's naval and draws attention to her toned abdomen. Beneath the pink shirt Yana wears a white bra and coordinating thong panties. The lingerie is embellished with delicate pink rosettes and contrasts against the tanned tones of Yana's flesh.

The thong panties worn by the model emphasize the model's exquisite bottom and tiny waist. Murrian integrates the devices of black and white film and slow motion clips throughout the movie. He also uses divided frames to multiply the images of Yana. The effect is riveting and innovative. These unique elements integrated into this film are a testament to the burgeoning and advancing talents of this artist as he explores this medium of expression.

Yana is playful throughout this movie. Her outgoing personality shines clearly. She is extremely comfortable in front of the camera and this translates in this film. Yana's love for dancing is also apparent. Yana is adept at titillating and teasing. Her movements are soulful and natural. She illustrates this talent as she slowly removes her panties and caresses the curves and lines of her own body.

This model's body physique is simply amazing and Murrian masterfully gives viewers the opportunity to admire it from every conceivable angle. Yana is very close to Murrian's camera throughout many parts of the filming process. This adds a high degree of intimacy to this movie. Viewers feel as if Yana is close enough to touch as she draws them in with her commanding presence.

Murrian uses his camera to move over the landscape of Yana's physique slowly and thoroughly. The result is dazzling and unforgettable. Met-Art viewers will be thrilled with this latest partnership between Murrian and Yana.

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Stunning blonde poses nude in a desert oasis.
Models: VIKA

MetArt Galleries

Ashanti: "Entropy" by Ingret
Ashanti is one of those young women that enthralls with her seemingly oblivious recognition of her sexual prowess and appeal. She is the neighbor who lays out in the sun topless or washes her car while wearing a mini-skirt. Her charms are reminiscent of the clich�d term "girl-next-door". Though we are reluctant to use it, it fits so perfectly when describing Ashanti.

This series by Ingret is photographed against a backdrop of white, ebony, and grey tiled steps. The photograph introducing this gallery pictures Ashanti hugging one of her shapely stocking-clad legs close to her face. Her shiny long hair clings to her finely sculpted cheekbones and a hint of a smile graces her delicate lips. Ashanti's pale eyes beckon viewers to review her latest exhibitionistic tendencies as she poses for Ingret in this series.

The photographer captures Ashanti perched upon a tiled step in the next picture featured from this gallery. The model poses with her legs parted. There is nothing obstructing the view of her most feminine charms in this photograph. One of Ashanti's breasts is covered by her long auburn tresses. There is a glimpse offered of the natural perfection of her bosom. Ashanti has her head turned to the side so that her pretty profile can be admired.

Ashanti is next highlighted in a kneeling position with her backside exposed beneath a sheer white pair of fishnet stockings. The model casts an over-the-shoulder glance at Ingret's camera as she assumes this pose. Ashanti's well-formed buttocks are truly the focus of this picture though her gaze is penetrating and inviting.

Ingret manages to capture Ashanti as she removes her stockings as the gallery progresses. One of the last photographs of the series features the model without her hosiery. She is again photographed in a more upright kneeling position. This picture highlights the magnitude of the model's breathtaking tender physique without restraint. Ashanti smiles so openly and easily in this picture. She is comfortable displaying her natural form for Ingret's camera. It's evident that this model and photographer have a working relationship that produces samples of some of the fine nude art photography that Met-Art is renowned for. There are numerous galleries of this model to be found throughout the archives of Met-Art.

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Young and curvy brown haired model with warm skin gets exposed outside.
Models: SONJA

Monday, June 25, 2007

Brunette gets completely nude and checks the tickle factor.
Models: SELENE

MetArt Galleries

Gabriella by Richard Murrian
Gabriella captures perfectly Murrian's signature style of photography. Her blossoming beauty and sensuality are featured against soft lighting and neutral colors of ivory and beige. Gabriella's dark charm is mesmerizing throughout each photograph that composes the entirety of this series. Gabriella is photographed in front of a window that allows filtered light to caress her tender form. A muted cityscape is barely visible behind in the backdrop of the window. The model's dark tresses shimmer with highlights from the dappled rays streaming through the glass.

The cover photograph from this gallery features Gabriella in a position of repose. She lounges in an upholstered antique chair. The model's pert breasts and slender flesh are bared. Gabriella's countenance conjures imaginings that she is lost in fantasy and daydreams. Her amazing eyes with defining brows and pouting lips are entrancing.

The next photograph featured from this collection isolates the torso of this seductress so that the photograph almost appears like a painting rather than a photograph. The image is perfect in its composition. The ends of Gabriella's ebony locks lay upon one of her flawless breasts and her cotton blouse hugs the contours of her voluptuous hips. The model's skin is smooth and milky like fine porcelain. The space between her slim thighs is equally smooth. The lighting chosen by Murrian is part of the equation that makes this photograph so artistically intriguing.

Gabriella is showcased in the following photograph posing with one knee positioned in the seat of an antique chair. A sheer-covered window provides a luminescent backdrop. A vanity is part of the picture and provides a suggestion that Murrian has invited us into the intimate space of Gabriella's bedroom. The model's full physique can be admired. Her flesh is exposed without reserve. Murrian captures Gabriella's lovely profile as well as the lines and contours of her body.

Gabriella poses like a pretty little doll in the final photograph showcased from this gallery. She sits perched on the edge of a chair with her arms between her thighs. She appears vulnerable and innocent but there is a subtle maturity present in Gabriella's face. Her flesh shimmers with the streaming light from the nearby window but there are shadows that surround her as well. There is an element of contradiction that is part of this photograph. It is an element that is present in so much of Murrian's work. It is the essence of youth and vitality. This is the type of beauty that this photographer seeks and captures as only he can.

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Blonde with wild look and tall boots gets panties at her ankles.

Jess loves to dress up and act silly or undress and act sexy.
Models: JESS

MetArt Galleries

Masha: "Figurante" by Slastyonoff
Slastyonoff has chosen a simple backdrop to feature this delicate and youthful model against. The neutral backdrop illuminates Masha's tanned skin. The white tutu worn by the model further accentuates her glowing skin tones. Masha flexes and bends her lithe physique in a variety of positions throughout this series. Her flexibility stirs the imagination and allows viewers to imagine this ballerina providing a private dance for their pleasure.

Masha is an accomplished dancer. This photo shoot was actually inspired by the model's request. Masha was trained as a dancer from a young age and she continues to dance. Music moves her soul. She is sensitive and attuned to the sounds of instruments. Masha appreciates classical music yet she departs from her studies of dance to enjoy the wilder side of life at times. This is reflected in her willingness to share the perfection of her young body with Slastyonoff.

The first picture featured from "Firgurante". showcases only a glimpse of this model's prettiness. Her dark hair is braided and cascades down her exposed back. Masha's sweet facial profile is highlighted. Her gaze is downcast and reserved. The flutter of the model's eyelashes is almost palpable. Two sets of golden earrings adorn her earlobes.

The photographer offers several photographs that focus upon the sculptured derriere of Masha. This particular picture shows the model with her tutu pushed downward and clinging to her thighs. Masha presses her hands against the wall. The roundness of her buttocks are an undeniable focal point of this picture. The model's long dark braid trails down her well-defined back and further draws the eye downward.

Masha at some point in the photo shoot loosens her ebony hair so that it flows freely over her back. Perhaps she wanted to first give viewers the opportunity to admire her slender and toned body before obscuring it with her long hair.

The last photograph from this collection features Masha without her tutu. The model has shed her tulle skirt and is posing with a hint of a smile. Her hair is long and full in this picture. Natasha's breasts are obviously natural and fit her physique without question.

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Two pretty sailors girls strip down and get playful.

MetArt Galleries

Karina B: "Axium" by Voronin
Karina appears without lingerie or jewelry in her latest appearance at Met-Art. This is a young woman who requires no embellishments to accentuate her phenomenal presence. The curves and lines of her ultra-feminine physique are heart-stopping without such adornments.

A sauna decked out in natural wood tones is the setting against which Voronin has chosen to frame this powerful model. Her skin is shiny with oil. Karina enjoys the sauna to cleanse her body's impurities and to keep her skin glistening with vitality. It is a place of peace and tranquility away from her busy routine of work, play, and schedules.

Voronin has chosen a photograph of Karina facing the camera full on. The model's eyes are mesmerizing. Karina cups her large breasts in both hands and poses in an almost lunging position. Every area of the model's toned body is slick with oil. The effect is titillating. This photograph beckons viewers to see more of this fascinating model.

There are several up close photographs included within this series of Karina's head and face. The close range only solidifies the complete beauty this youthful model holds. Karina faces the camera with her arms raised above her head in the next selected picture. Her glowing complexion, bright eyes, and glossy lips are hypnotic. The model's impossibly long straight brown hair emphasizes rather than distracts from Karina's natural allure. The models full breasts are showcased also with this photograph from a side view.

The next photograph will steal away your breath with its intensity. Karina's feminine treasures are vividly highlighted. Karina faces the camera with one of her legs propped against the wall of the sauna. This open stance reveals the slickness between her parted legs. The model's flat abdomen flows seamlessly into her slender torso. Karina's buxom breasts are bared to be savored by the eye. Tendrils of the model's hair are wet with perspiration and rest upon one of her shoulders.

Karina assumes almost the exact same position in another photo within the series but it is her backside that faces Voronin's camera lens. The model's damp hair forms a as it trails down her back. The roundness of Karina's buttocks is enthralling. The shapeliness of Karina's legs is also notable in this particular picture. The model's pretty facial profile is another aspect that catches the eye.

The last picture taken from this gallery exemplifies the artistic beauty and definition of this model's body. Karina kneels upon a bench nestled into a corner of the sauna. Her arms are outstretched above her head and her hands actually rest on the ceiling. Karina's head is thrown back to such a degree that the focus of the picture is clearly the physical fitness of the model and her supreme feminine presence.

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Two dark haired beauties get lost on a deserted island.








Artistic photo-shoot with pretty brunette in black and white.
Models: NICOLE

MetArt Galleries

Jade: "Itaka" by Gubin
Gubin has created a series that is the stuff that fantasies and dreams are made of. The gorgeous Jade is the focal point of this gallery that places the model in surroundings that are cozy and inviting. The fiery-haired enchantress spreads her form out in front of a blazing fireplace. Her haunting pale eyes beckon viewers to join her as she sets aside an evening for rest.

The sand-colored brickwork of the fireplace and the tawny fur rug are the foundational color palate against which the fair-skinned model is presented. The irresistible siren stretches her exquisite form upon a pedestal of softness. A turquoise beaded necklace is an accessory that accentuates the blue-green tones of the model's doll-like eyes. Black thigh-high stockings cling to Jade's shapely legs and a sheer flowing wrap rests upon her slender hips.

The introductory photograph selected by Gubin for this series is a testament to this model's willingness to share her presence with all who dare to behold her bewitching gaze. Jade poses in a sitting position with a piece of her lingerie strategically placed so that viewers are enticed to explore the wonders she has in store for them.

Jade is a young woman confident in her desirability. The sensual redhead is never hesitant to reveal her most intimate treasures. This is clearly evident from the outset of this gallery as Jade first appears with her full breasts bared and the rest of her fine physique barely covered. Jade next poses in a stance that offers a profile view of her form. The model's chin is slightly upturned so that her sculpted facial bone structure is showcased. The edges of the flames behind her accentuate the fiery tones of her long flowing hair. The tops of her lacy thigh high stockings accent the sublime femininity this model embodies.

A scintillating expose of Jade's erotic nature is explored in the next photo from this gallery. The model is seated upon the floor with her thighs separated in such a way that the smoothness between them is visible. Jade's eyes are cast downward while one her delicate hand rests upon one of her voluptuous breasts.

The last photographs from this series picture Jade's ivory flesh without her stockings or lingerie. One of the most intriguing pictures from these latter shots captures the burning embers and dancing flames from the fireplace behind Jade's nude form. The model rests her knees and buttocks upon the softness of a plush rug. Each curve of Jade's torso is distinct and defined.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Desirable redhead has her own sense of style.
Models: MARILU

Tall glamorous model has a sexy shoot on a leather recliner.
Models: IVANNA

Jenya is meditating outside without any clothes to slow down her prayers.
Models: JENYA

Artistic photo-shoot with pretty brunette in black and white.
Models: NICOLE

Exciting blonde model gets pictures from all angle.
Models: IVETA

MetArt Galleries

Juman: "Absolute" by Voronin The Movie
Juman is youthful and unpretentious in this latest offering by Voronin. The model wears only a hint of cosmetics and her hair is simply pulled away from her face with a barrette. She wears no jewelry except for her trademark belly button charm - she is rarely photographed without this adornment. This film provides a very natural and intimate look at one of the absolute beauties of Met-Art.

Voronin uses a mirror shrouded in shadows to create some stunning visual effects throughout this film and the still series that accompanies the movie. The presence of Juman is often doubled as she moves throughout an intimate setting of a sitting room. This is a photographic device that Voronin is a master at using in his work.

Juman poses with a long black net scarf. She is nude from the opening of the film so that her exquisite flesh can be surveyed. She sits upon the floor in front of a mirror. This gives viewers the chance to admire her gorgeous buttocks as she smoothly lunges on her hands and knees towards Voronin's camera. Juman's countenance is very expressive throughout the film. She is sensual and confident.

The soundtrack of this movie is very soft and unobtrusive. It compliments the gentle charm that Juman exudes throughout the film. The music is like a whisper cradling the model as she performs for Voronin's camera and for Met-Art viewers.

Juman moves to a sofa as the film progresses. She uses the ebony scarf to accentuate the curves and lines of her body. The model reclines along the top of the sofa, stretching out the full length of her body. Her perfectly manicured hands caress every aspect of her unblemished physique. Voronin offers a myriad of angles and views of Juman as she writhes passionately upon the couch.

The lighting used by Voronin is bright. This provides a crisp and vivid view of Juman's youthful allure. Powder blue walls provide a colorful backdrop for the majority of the movie. The sofa is a patchwork of blues, lavenders, and other muted colors. This subtle pallet adds to the gentle ambiance of the entire movie.

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Stringy blonde with a sweet body plays erotically in the art studio.
Models: ANNA

Dazzling beauties get naughty in this one of a kind shoot.

When two models is not enough, we give you more, more and more.

MetArt Galleries

Anna: "Terrace" by Vitali Gubin
Vitali Gubin captures the appealing allure of Anna in a variety of settings in this gallery. The series opens with the dark-haired teen posing outdoors amidst greenery and natural lighting. The model holds a fringed camel-colored wrap as she twists and turns for Gubin's camera. Anna is also photographed against a backdrop of scarlet kitchen cabinets. The title of the gallery was inspired by a series of photographs within this collection that feature the model posed like a goddess upon a stone terrace.

The cover photograph is from this sequence of photos and showcases the model's firm buttocks and nude physique. Anna's hair flows freely and frames her exquisite facial beauty as she gazes directly at Gubin's camera. The model's dark eyes are captivating. A hint of a smile graces her cherry red lips. The sculpted structure of her features give Anna's youthful beauty an elegant touch of refinement. The model's hands rest upon the ornate banister and a profile view of one of her pert nipples tantalizes the viewer. Greenery and sandstone brickwork provides a natural backdrop for the innate loveliness of this enchantress.

Anna secures her long tresses for the next photograph. She leans against a white wall as Gubin gives viewers the opportunity to admire the almost the full-length of the model's physique. There is a quality of tenderness that is inherent in Anna's form. Her breasts are delicate and her skin glistens unmistakably with the robustness of youth. A necklace of dark beads adorns the model's graceful neck and large silver hoop earrings hang from the model's earlobes.

Like the cover photograph, the third picture showcased from this gallery is set upon a balcony. The sunlight is bright and direct. One can imagine the warmth of the sun ravishing Anna's exposed flesh. The model stands with both of her arms extended upon the railing of the terrace though her legs are slightly crossed. Anna seems to be sending the message that she is open to the admiration of her charms yet she is a bit shy in revealing all of her secrets. This picture compliments perfectly the cover photograph selected by Vitali Gubin.

The last photograph highlighted from this gallery is an intimate look at Anna as she poses in a standing position indoors. The model sweeps the front of her long hair back so that her dazzling facial beauty can truly be appreciated. Her arms are raised above her head and so the curves of the model's youthful body are truly prominent. The well-groomed area between Anna's thighs captivates.

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Brunette playing outside on the staircase is having fun.
Models: OLGA

Young student comes home to strip down and relax after a hard day at school.
Models: YANA

MetArt Galleries

Koika: "Kitai" by Ingret
An appearance by Koika at Met-Art always draws attention. This stunning blonde with flawless facial features and a heavenly physique enthralls from the moment she first appears. Ingret is a master photographer and has worked extensively with this model. Their intimate rapport is reflected in the outstanding galleries the duo brings to Met-Art.

Ingret has chosen a vibrant yellow-orange backdrop against which to highlight the awe-inspiring presence of Koika. The theme is decidedly one of Oriental influence. As the series opens, Koika's long platinum tresses are loose and cascading around the shoulders of a silky sleeveless dress. The navy-colored dress is embellished with a detailed Oriental print. The vixen allows the kimono-like covering to gape open at the bosom so that her exquisite breasts are revealed from the beginning of this collection. Ingret continues the theme of this gallery by incorporating props such as a fan, a tea cup, a unique colorful head dressing, and a hairstyle that is reminiscent of the women of the East.

The cover photograph from "Kita". tantalizes with a picture of Koika sitting on her feet with her backside turned toward Ingret's camera. The contours of her buttocks are engaging. Koika has her torso slightly twisted so that one of her breasts is clearly visible. The blonde teen grasps a fan in her hands and offers a sweet smile that is nothing short of beguiling.

Ingret includes a close range photograph in this series that showcases the perfection of Koika's facial beauty. The model's full lips are colored with a scarlet hue of gloss. Her complexion glistens with youthfulness. Koika's eyes are riveting and vibrant. One of the model's tender breasts peek out from beneath the plunging neckline of the gown she wears.

Koika's fair locks are upswept in the next picture featured from this collection. The model covers one of her breasts with a fan that portrays a miniature Oriental portrait. A silk navy and gold sachet is nestled between her open thighs. Koika poses in a kneeling position that reveals the parting of flesh between her thighs.

Koika is captured in a standing position in the final photograph highlighted. The model's bangs frame her angelic face that smiles welcomingly to viewers. Koika offers an open invitation to survey her feminine treasures the smoothness of her flesh, her generous breasts, and the close shaven space between her legs.

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Red headed step model in the bathroom a little wet in naughty poses.
Models: OLGA

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Exotic dark haired model goes wild at the book store.
Models: ULYA

Creamy red head with large breasts spreads the joy outside in the fresh air.
Models: ULYA

MetArt Galleries

Presenting Julia by Skokov
Julia is a sweet-faced youthful model making her debut this week at Met-Art. This teen model wears her long silky light brown hair in a simple ponytail. Julia wears little cosmetics. Her skin glows naturally with youthfulness. The model's skin is untouched by the sun and is fully exposed from the opening of this photo shoot.

Mirrors, dark bricks, and rich brown woodwork provide the background setting for this gallery. Different patterns of squares are inlaid into the walls and the flooring. The darkness of the backdrop contrasts sharply against the ivory flesh of the young model. The geometric shapes are also oppositional to the curves and soft lines Julia's physique. A rattan table is also a part of the setting of the photo shoot. Julia uses the table as a prop upon which to pose as the series unfolds.

The introductory picture for this series pictures a full-length view of Julia's form. The model poses with one leg bent beneath her and the other stretched out to the side. A sweet smile is cast in the direction of Skokov's camera. A few of the model's bangs have escaped from her ponytail and hang in front of one of her cat-like eyes. The model's cheeks are full and slightly blushed. A chunky beaded necklace rests upon Julia's chest.

Julia poses with a scarlet and grey scarf in several pictures. The next photo shows the model's buttocks tightly covered with the wrap. It looks as if she is wearing a very short skirt but the model's breasts are bared. The model's facial beauty is emphasized in this picture. The shape of her face and the delicacy of her fine features are highlighted.

The model again poses with the scarf tied at the middle of her parted legs. Julia smiles sweetly as she looks downward as she contemplates releasing the knotted wrap to reveal the secrets hidden by the knot. The lighting is shadowy and a glimpse of the reflection of the model's unblemished back can be seen in the background of this picture.

Julia's amazing physique is fully presented in the final photograph featured from this debut gallery of this model. The model stands with her hip slightly cocked. One of her hands is behind her back and the other is held close to her doll-like face. The model's gaze is cast to the side. A hint of a smile graces her lips. Julia's full perfectly positioned breasts, toned abdomen, and the darkness between her legs capture the attention. In fact, everything about this model seems to capture the attention.

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Beautiful model of color shows her wonder on a sofa of red.
Models: ADANNA

Jenya is meditating outside without any clothes to slow down her prayers.
Models: JENYA

MetArt Galleries

Katka: "My New Muse" by R.Murrian
It is easy to understand why Katka has captured the interest of Richard Murrian. Her platinum hair and ivory complexion are stunning. The blonde first appears in a white peasant blouse. She stands next to flowing white curtains. Her cosmetics are in shades of nude and compliment the natural palette of her flesh. Everything about this model exudes purity. Murrian provides several head shots of the model to emphasize the enchanting facial beauty that she possesses. Her platinum curls are parted to one side and reveal the model's refined facial features.

The cover photo presents Katka clad in a pair of form-fitting floral hot pants. The model is topless and her exquisite breasts are one of the focal points of this picture. Her prominent nipples are placed perfectly upon her breasts. Katka's tiny waist and toned abdomen proportioned to her slender physique. The model's side-long gaze is inviting and sweet. Her pretty face is glowing with youthfulness.

Murrian gives viewers the chance to view Katka's voluptuous bottom in the next photograph. In this picture, the model embraces her blouse and one can imagine what it would feel like to fall into her arms to nestle into the softness of Katka's bosom. The model wears a pair of grey thigh high stockings that add a dramatic theme of eroticism to this already sensual gallery. Katka's buttocks peek out from beneath the tight floral lingerie and the effect is scintillating. The model's unblemished flesh beckons to be touched.

Murrian uses a full-length mirror to offer a double image of the breathtaking blonde vixen in the following picture. Katka poses with her shoulders pushed back and her hands placed upon her thighs. The model's firm breasts are captivating and command the attention of the eye. The gaze of Katka is bold and direct. Her slight frame appears petite and curvaceous.

The final picture from this gallery showcases an up close profile view of Katka. She poses near a window so that the natural lighting reveals the perfection of her flesh. The model's alluring eyes and precious mouth hold the attention of the most discriminating connoisseur of feminine beauty. Katka possesses the ability to seduce with her mere presence. This is undoubtedly one of the qualities that has inspired Murrian to name Katka as one of his newest muses.

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MetArt Galleries

Zuzana: "Puma" by Jan Kruml
Zuzana is a free-spirited teen model recently discovered by Jan Kruml. This young woman embodies vitality and exuberance. These qualities of Zuzana are portrayed throughout this gallery that is full of movement and dazzling artistic merit.

The model first appears wearing a flowing white spaghetti strap blouse and jeans. Her chestnut hair is smooth and straight. It glistens in the soft evening light. Kruml has chosen a field of wildflowers in which to capture the loveliness of this model. It is an excellent choice because Zuzana has the room and the freedom to truly express her personality.

The cover photograph from this series captures Zuzana in motion. The model has shed her clothing and is running through the field with her long hair swirling around her. Zuzana�s brilliant smile and shimmering complexion is radiant. The smoothness between her thighs is captivating.

Kruml opens the series with photographs of Zuzana casually dressed. The model smiles openly and invites viewers to join her in her evening romp through the secluded field. Zusana holds a bouquet of wildflowers in her hands and tilts her head and hips slightly to one side. She is the epitome of innocence and budding womanhood.

Kruml displays his formidable artistic talents in a succession of extremely focused photographs. The composition of several photos in this series revolves around specific parts of Zuzana�s physique. The photographer is adept at creating works of art with this style of photography. Kruml focuses on Zuzana�s breasts, torso, and the area between her thighs as the she removes her jeans. Purple flowers decorate the corner of the picture and the model�s long hair glows with highlights of auburn. The photographer focuses even more closely on Zuzana�s female anatomical parts in several more explicit photographs of this series. The effect is tasteful and artistic.

The final picture of Zuzana discussed in this essay reveals the model�s full round buttocks. Zuzana has her jeans partly removed to expose her backside. She casts her gaze over her shoulder in the direction of Kruml�s camera but there is some distance between photographer and model. The expanse of the field is evident in the background but Zuzana is clearly the focus of the picture. A profile of one of her breasts is captured. Again, the model�s lovely smile is present in this picture.

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Eva has the pretty girl next door look and walks on water too.
Models: EVA

Blonde diva tries out the new chair.
Models: INNA

Brandi is the girl friend you wish you had and still dream about.
Models: BRANDI

Small chested and clean shaven blonde photographed on a big brown sofa.
Models: PARIS


Friday, June 22, 2007

MetArt Galleries

Lidiya: "Sourire" by Sunrise The Movie
This film opens with black and white cinematography highlighting the flirty image of the youthful model Lidiya dressed in a thick furry bathrobe and offering her radiant smile to the camera filming her. Lidiya also winks in conjunction with her playful invitation to watch her disrobe. The movie quickly fades into color film with a tranquil backdrop of music to accompany the exposure of pink lingerie clinging to the lovely form of Lidiya.

A romantic backdrop of floral wallpaper, neutral tones, and ruffles offers a gentle canvas against which to showcase the untouched beauty of this remarkable model. The model performs a sensual strip tease for the camera. She seductively removes her pink bra and panty set as she rhythmically moves her form to the soundtrack of this movie.

Sunrise offers several close-up views of Lidiya's pretty face as well as her youthful body. The vivacious teen traces the contours and curves of her body as she lounges upon a daybed. The camera moves down the length of the model's physique and entices the imagination. Lidiya picks up a heart-shaped pillow and performs a scintillating dance for viewers.

The teen model is next captured lying upon her side on the sofa. Her backside faces the camera before she turns on her back. Lidiya's pert breasts command the attention as the model allows her hands to feel their fullness. Her hands trail down the length of her body until they reach the intimate area between her thighs. Actually, much of film presents Lidiya's hands tracing her flesh and leading the viewer's eye.

This film presents some amazing images of Lidiya's buttocks as she kneels on the sofa and moves her hips in back and forth motions. Lidiya has the face and body of an angel yet this is a young woman who appears to have experience in exploring her own sexuality. She isn't afraid to express this part of her essence or to share this private time with viewers.

Lidiya slips a finger between her lips as she smiles in the direction of the camera. Her playful mischievous nature is riveting as the movie unfolds. This model is unafraid to pleasure herself. There is sensuality in this confidence. Even as Lidiya lies motionless upon the daybed that provides the setting for this photo shoot, she exudes a sense of eroticism. The entire movie evokes this aura.

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Cabin in the woods and only one supermodel.
Models: VIKA

Two sisters play in the attic while the parents are away.

MetArt Galleries

Julia V & Yana C: "Malizia" by Poberejnic Lilia
Julia and Yana are dressed in simple cotton dresses and kerchiefs that cover their long tresses as this gallery begins. The are vivid splashes of color woven into the surroundings of the women. The two models are seated upon chests and there are several touches of nostalgia integrated into the setting as well - black and white photos, woven baskets, and lace. The blend of items placed together in the background of the series is intriguing.

Julia and Yana first begin sharing treasures with one another and talking about the items they have found in their surroundings. The scene is reminiscent of two girlfriends spending a rainy afternoon together in an attic exploring forgotten treasures. As "Malizi". unfolds, it is evident that Julia and Yana are about to delve into the exploration of the uncharted territory of each other.

Though the series focuses primarily on the two models together, the photographer also provides many photographs of each model individually. This allows viewers the opportunity to appreciate the unique charms of each model independently. A basket of ripened sweet corn is a dominant prop throughout much of this gallery. Lilia captures the two models posing with an ear of corn in such a way that jump-starts the imagination.

A soft image of Julia and Yana embracing in the nude is the main composition of the cover photograph introducing "Malizia". Both models are lost in the smoothness and warmth of one another's bodies. The intimacy between the two is palpable.

Lilia offers a close look at the natural beauty these two enchantress' possess in the next photograph. The blushed cheeks and shadowed eyelids of Julia and Yana are subtle but emphasize their shared vitality and youth. The background is almost nonexistent in this picture. The focal point of the still is clearly the faces of these alluring models.

The women aren't afraid to express their playful side for the camera either. The following picture reveals the buttocks of Julia. Her white and pink dress clings to her slender waist. Julia is laughing and Yana flashes a smile in the direction of Lilia's camera. Yana's long wavy hair hangs in ringlets around her face.

The last picture reviewed from this gallery is a full view of the physiques' of Julia and Yana. The models are seated upon weathered chests with their flesh totally exposed. A long strand of beads hangs from Yana's neck and trails to the darkness that rests between her parted sides. Julia is seated beside her and the model's pert breasts are bared.

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Sexy gypsy with full hips and dark passionate eyes removes her shyness as her clothes fall to the floor.
Models: EVE

Studio shoot with nicely proportioned red haired model.
Models: JULIA

Dark haired princess in heels and nothing else.
Models: EVELYN

MetArt Galleries

Natasha: "Azure" by Vitali Gubin
Natasha is a model with the ability to appear mature and sophisticated or youthful and demure. The model achieves the latter appearance in this series with her ash blonde tresses swept into a casual ponytail and with her attire of a white short-sleeved turtle neck tee, baby blue hot pants, and white ankle socks. The simple azure walls adorned with a coordinating border suggest that Vitali Gubin is bringing viewers into the intimate space of Natasha's bedroom.

The cover photograph of this series highlights the model's exceptionally formed backside. Her smooth tanned flesh glistens with vitality and firmness. Natasha's hands, covered with white net gloves, are pressed submissively against the wall that provides the backdrop for this photo shoot. The model's gaze is direct and wispy bangs tickle her refined facial features. The lighting is soft and shadows cradle the silhouette of Natasha's amazing physique.

The next photograph featured from this collection is sensual and exudes a sense of unassuming seduction. Natasha looks down and to the side withholding eye contact. Her soft hair tumbles over her slight shoulders and rests between her exquisite breasts. The model slightly arches her back as if she is leaning into the wall behind her. Natasha poses with a thumb slipped inside the waistband of her hip-hugging bottoms. She pulls a corner of the hot pants down so that a hint of the intimate place between her toned thighs is revealed.

Natasha poses in a crouching position in the following photo. She has shed her t-shirt and hot pants through a series of photographs that capture the strip tease until her form is completely revealed. This model's physique is athletic and she is naturally slender. This particular pose accentuates the litheness of Natasha's body. A stool is partially viewable in this photograph and provides a surface upon which the model rests one of her hands. Natasha's other hand is placed behind her head. One of Natasha's knees kneels upon a sculpted blue rug. The texture of the rug contrasts against the smoothness of the model's skin.

The final photograph of this gallery displays all of Natasha's charms without reservation. The model is perched upon a stool with her thighs parted. One of Natasha's hands hovers near her luscious mouth and an expression of amusement shadows her facial features. The model's flat abdomen and lean torso are especially highlighted in this photo.

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Suntanned beauty is caught sunbathing in a secret field.
Models: MASHA

Blonde girl with oversized nipples struts in front of wall mirror.
Models: KATYA

MetArt Galleries

Sharon & Vika: "Match" by Vadim Rigin
The photographer titled this gallery "Match". undoubtedly as a comment about the equality of beauty that these two models possess though their appearances differ in many respects. Sharon is an exotic dark-haired suntanned model while Vika's flesh is ivory. Vika's platinum locks contrast sharply against Sharon's dark ones for a striking pairing. The physiques of these models are very similar and on display from the outset of the series. Both young women are voluptuous and slender.

The photograph presents an intimate and casual setting in which to present this duo enjoying one another's company. They pose in various positions upon a patterned sofa. A blank ivory wall ensures that the focus of the photo shoot remains the two youthful models. Sharon and Vika are comfortable and playful throughout the series as they press their flesh together and share sweet kisses.

Rigin introduces the gallery with a picture of Sharon standing in front of Vika so that the blonde is partially occluded. Sharon's full round buttocks are complimented by a bikini tan line. Vika rests one of her hands upon one of Sharon's shoulders. Both women maintain eye contact with the camera even as their breasts are pressed on top of each other. Sharon leans with her palms against the wall behind Vika and assumes a dominant position in this picture but Vika is smiling pleasantly she doesn't seem to mind at all.

Sharon poses upon bended knees at the base of the sofa in the next photograph. Vika is positioned above her on her knees which are nestled into the cushions of the couch. Sharon reaches behind her back to wrap her hands around Vika's waist. This gives viewer's an look at Sharon's lovely physique. The perfectly groomed area between Sharon's slender thighs is titillating. The models breasts' are tender and pert.

Both models are photographed perched on the edge of the sofa side-by-side in the next picture from this collection. Vika maintains a mischievous smile while Sharon exudes scintillating sensuality. The dark-haired vixen seems to have erotic thoughts upon her mind. Rigin does an excellent job of capturing these subtleties throughout this gallery.

Vika poses again on bended knees in the final photograph reviewed from this series. Sharon is behind her in a crouching position. Both models are smiling and having fun. Light from a nearby window streams in behind the girls and accentuates their youthful allure.

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