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Saturday, September 30, 2006

MetArt Galleries

Narkiss: "Treasure" by Slastyonoff
Narkiss is one of the icons of Met-Art. Her body is evocative of the feminine form that so many artists, poets, and philosophers of the ages have attempted to capture. Slastyonoff manages to frame this model's timeless beauty in fresh and provocative galleries with each new submission.

"Treasur". is a study of shadow and light as well as modern and classic styles. The first part of the series showcases Narkiss with her blonde locks pulled tight and secured. She wears a satiny black camisole, thigh high sheer stockings, and leather high heel boots. She poses against a backdrop of muted smoky hues. Narkiss' smooth ivory flesh beckons to be touched throughout the unfolding photos. Bright white background lighting is alternated with subdued lighting in the opening photographs.

Narkiss also poses against the same grayish background with her shoulder-length tresses unsecured. She poses in various positions of repose upon folds of white cloth. These photographs are softer than the opening pictures. They expose this model's range of modeling talents. There is yet another setting included in this series. Narkiss stretches and preens her form against a solid-colored three rung ladder.

The introductory thumbnail for this series announces the 8000 pixel resolution of the gallery. The clarity of the images of Narkiss are clear and sharp. The model's long bangs partially occlude her lovely face but her breasts, slender waist, and sleek area between her parted thighs are open to the camera's eye. Narkiss is captured in a crouching position while her arms are outstretched and her hangs cling to a ladder behind her.

Slastyonoff also provides a head shot of this remarkable natural beauty. The model wears little cosmetics to enhance her refined facial features. A bit of gloss adorns her lips and faint eye liner outlines her large blue eyes that are framed by ultra-thin brows. A profile of one of Narkiss' breasts is visible in this highlighted photo. The backdrop is black and void.

Narkiss is also captured by Stastyonoff in a mode reminiscent of high-fashion photography. The model wears only thigh high lace stockings. Her full voluptuous breasts, slender waist, and voluptuous hips glisten against a background of colorless light. Delicate dangling earrings hang from the model's earlobes as she poses with one of her hands positioned upon one of her thighs.

This model's derriere is showcased in the last photograph from this gallery. Narkiss extends her arms above her head and allows a red string to trail down the valleys of her back and buttocks. The red string captures the eye and leads it along the length of this model's backside. It is Narkiss' sculpted bottom and toned body that dominate this particular photograph.

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MetArt Galleries

Inna: "Pesca" by Voronin
Voronin uses lighting to create some amazing effects in this gallery that showcases the provocative presence of Inna. The unobtrusive white backdrop of "Pesca". ensures that Inna is the focal point of the series. This model possesses the brand of beauty that demands the attention regardless of her surroundings but this choice by Voronin adds a stylish ambiance to "Pesca."

Inna is dressed in a matching ivory lingerie set. The bustier and panties are covered with delicate pastel colored butterflies. Satiny tangerine laces secure the back of the top and the sides of the panties. Vibrant lime-colored earrings are the only jewelry worn by the vixen and pick of the hues of the high heeled shoes worn by Inna. The model holds a hot pink feather fan in her hands as the gallery opens. The vivid splashes of color from the earrings, laces, and fan accessories add a striking artistic quality to these pictures. Voronin routinely uses creative combinations of color when photographing Inna. She is a woman whose beauty is accentuated by any color scheme.

The introductory picture for "Pesca". shows an image of Inna photographed in a crouching position. The model looks over her shoulder at viewers. The v-shape lines of the model's panties compliment the contours of Inna's smooth buttocks. Crisscrossed laces run down Inna's back and the tail of the laces hang at the sides of her body. The model's sky blue eyes and peach complexion glisten.

The next picture showcased from this gallery shows a front view of Inna standing with an opened fan in front of torso. The model's face is turned to the side so that the refined features of her profile are visible. Inna's long auburn hair is pulled back at the sides and offers an unobstructed view of her heavenly beauty.

Voronin changes the intensity of the lighting as the gallery progresses. The photograph featured next offers an image of Inna removing her panties. Shadows cling to the outlines of the model's form. A titillating glimpse of Inna's most secret femininity is visible as she pulls at her panties. Voronin chooses an angle that hovers above the model lying upon her back with her body stretched out.

Inna's physique is displayed against a backdrop of shimmering gold in the final photograph reviewed. The model has shed her lingerie and offers her nude form without reserve. Inna's head is turned to the side but her sensual gaze is visible beneath half-closed eyelids. The model's succulent lips are inviting.

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