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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

MetArt Galleries

Katya C & Natasha G : "Union The Photoshoot" by Gubin
Katya C & Natasha G are the featured models in this latest offering by Gubin. Both women are clad in white lingerie. Natasha is tanned to perfection and this choice of sensual garments compliments her dark flesh tones. Katya's straight ebony tresses contrast drastically against the paleness of Natasha's blonde highlights. Both model's possess a gorgeous smile. Gubin paired this duo expertly.

White walls, a window, scattered potted greenery, and a polished wooden floor are the primary elements against which the women are showcased against. The natural backdrop emphasizes the intimacy these two women share. The depth of this intimacy unfolds as the scintillating series unfolds.

The introductory photograph for this photo shoot suggests a sense of romance shared by Katya and Natasha. The two are pictured as if they are in the midst of a slow sensual dance. The beguiling faces of the women are within inches of one another. The eye contact between the two is unmistakable. The pair are close enough so that their nipples are almost against each other. This is only the beginning of the candid nature of the pictures contained within "Union."

Gubin chronicles the slow deliberate undressing of the two models as they assist each other in disrobing the scant underclothing they both wear at the opening of the series. The photographer provides an up close photograph of Katya and Natasha that highlights the innate prettiness the two women hold. The picture also presents an image of the two models holding each other and laughing about the secrets they share. This picture evidences the fun these two are having during their play date.

Natasha is photographed upon bended knees with her mouth set upon the bosom of Katya in the following picture. Katya bolding eyes Gubin's camera and invites viewers to join the two women as they caress and entertain one another. Katya retains her thigh high stockings which lends a heightened degree of sensuality to the entire gallery.

Natasha assumes a more dominant position in the final picture from "Union". Katya is bent over and pressing her buttocks into Natasha's private area. Natasha holds tightly onto a handful of Katya's dark hair as she pushes back. Ecstasy is the only word that describe the emotion present on the faces of both women as they explore the boundaries of their relationship.

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MetArt Galleries

Koika: "Kitai" by Ingret
An appearance by Koika at Met-Art always draws attention. This stunning blonde with flawless facial features and a heavenly physique enthralls from the moment she first appears. Ingret is a master photographer and has worked extensively with this model. Their intimate rapport is reflected in the outstanding galleries the duo brings to Met-Art.

Ingret has chosen a vibrant yellow-orange backdrop against which to highlight the awe-inspiring presence of Koika. The theme is decidedly one of Oriental influence. As the series opens, Koika's long platinum tresses are loose and cascading around the shoulders of a silky sleeveless dress. The navy-colored dress is embellished with a detailed Oriental print. The vixen allows the kimono-like covering to gape open at the bosom so that her exquisite breasts are revealed from the beginning of this collection. Ingret continues the theme of this gallery by incorporating props such as a fan, a tea cup, a unique colorful head dressing, and a hairstyle that is reminiscent of the women of the East.

The cover photograph from "Kita". tantalizes with a picture of Koika sitting on her feet with her backside turned toward Ingret's camera. The contours of her buttocks are engaging. Koika has her torso slightly twisted so that one of her breasts is clearly visible. The blonde teen grasps a fan in her hands and offers a sweet smile that is nothing short of beguiling.

Ingret includes a close range photograph in this series that showcases the perfection of Koika's facial beauty. The model's full lips are colored with a scarlet hue of gloss. Her complexion glistens with youthfulness. Koika's eyes are riveting and vibrant. One of the model's tender breasts peek out from beneath the plunging neckline of the gown she wears.

Koika's fair locks are upswept in the next picture featured from this collection. The model covers one of her breasts with a fan that portrays a miniature Oriental portrait. A silk navy and gold sachet is nestled between her open thighs. Koika poses in a kneeling position that reveals the parting of flesh between her thighs.

Koika is captured in a standing position in the final photograph highlighted. The model's bangs frame her angelic face that smiles welcomingly to viewers. Koika offers an open invitation to survey her feminine treasures the smoothness of her flesh, her generous breasts, and the close shaven space between her legs.

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